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Key platform features

  • Over 5000 instruments across 80 markets through one award-winning platform; Forex, Commodities and Metals
  • Manage trading opportunities and their inherent risks more efficiently with a range of advanced order options and risk management tools
  • Multiple products trading facility round the clock from anywhere in the world
  • Quick, secure and reliable order execution even in fast markets
  • Default layouts – create and save as many different pre-sets as you like

Advanced charting

Our charting package offers our clients professional technical analysis features and functions.

  • Up to 10 years of price history
  • Over 80 different technical indicators - including the popular RSI, MACD, Pivot Points & Ichi Moku Clouds
  • Pattern Recognition - scan 9 common chart patterns and over 60 candle formations.
  • Advanced chart types - including Kagi, Renko, 3 Line Break, Point and Figure, Heikin-Ashi
  • Chart customisation - from candle colours, chart extensions and gridline options to active pointers, axis labelling, background colours and more

Comprehensive support tools

Finding the right trading opportunities can be a timely process if you don’t have the information at your fingertips so we've integrated a whole host of helpful decision making tools directly into our platforms.

  • Create your own trading dashboard – trading is personal and, with us, you can set up your trading screen any way you like, simply using our drag and drop feature.
  • Watchlists – save as many as you like and have them sync across your web and mobile platforms. Watchlists include performance measures such as daily high/low values and percentage/points change. You can filter these performance figures to create mini heat maps of what’s moving in the market.
  • Intuitive product library – not only can you browse by full product name but now you can search for nicknames, sector, country and even performance and volatility whilst watching the results appear in real time.
  • Range of mobile trading platforms – we're available for your iPhone & iPad.
  • Pattern Recognition Scanner – this tool can sort through 120 of the top traded instruments over all asset classes to find both emerging and completed patterns and we've integrated it right into the platform. You can see results on live, updating charts and then fully back test the results to see historical success rates of any breakouts.